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When 宝盈app下载 senior 尼古拉斯Dunsworth of Clarksville decided to add a second major in 英语 to one in mathematics, even he didn’t fully underst和 how the two completely different disciplines would complement each other.

Dunsworth, who is spending the Spring 2022 Semester studying abroad at the University of Saint 安德鲁斯 in St 安德鲁斯, 苏格兰, will graduate next month with a double major in 英语 和 math. He said he decided to major in the two disciplines primarily because of his interest in the fields. But he’s quickly discovered that they fit in quite nicely in his plans to pursue a career in data analytics.

“这两个领域是非常不同的思想体系, 虽然我对两者都采取了非常分析的方法, the more rigid structure of mathematics 和 the more free-form thinking expected in 英语 have given me a more well-rounded viewpoint than I would have had otherwise,”Dunsworth说. 从数据分析的角度来看, 我的英语教育应该能给我更多的工具, as data analysis 和 the study of literature have similar fundamental questions. Where in 英语 I explore the question of what a text is saying on a deeper level, in data analysis the question becomes what data is telling me beyond a surface level. 数学是我选择的职业道路, 和 the 英语 major allows me to defy stereotypes about mathematicians 和 our ability to communicate. I’ve found that math is what I love, but that 英语 is a passion. ”

Dunsworth (pictured above at Edinburgh Castle) has found the perfect location to complete his 英语 degree requirements, 在英国的中心学习英国文学.

“考虑到我正在学习英语, 和 my background in 英语 literature as opposed to American 和 world literature is somewhat lacking, 这很有意义,”Dunsworth说. “这是一次很棒的经历. St. 安德鲁斯 places a much greater focus on poetry, drama 和 older British work. Overall, this experience has broadened my horizons 和 exposed me to new people. 当我从欧扎克来到这个世界, I will do so having met people from diverse backgrounds that I wouldn’t have been able to without this experience.”

体验包括成为圣. 安德鲁斯 swimming team 和 having the opportunity to travel around Europe. The travelling opportunities were enhanced when the college’s faculty went on strike for a period during the semester.

“Swim has been wonderful, 和 we’ve had a few really enjoyable weekend travel meets,”他说. “在我自己的时间, 我花了阅读周的大部分时间, 大约相当于春假, 在法国, 访问里昂和巴黎. I had the opportunity to visit some friends 和 the cities 和 countryside were wonderful, 我玩得很开心. 我和一个朋友还在兰萨罗特岛度过了一个星期, 在加那利群岛, 因为我所有的教员不是在上网就是在罢工. 真是太棒了. 有机会骑自行车穿越火山景观, 参观神奇的海滩, 尝试西班牙食物和提高我的西班牙语是无价的.”

Dunsworth credited several Ozarks faculty 和 staff for helping him secure the study abroad opportunity in 苏格兰.

“Dr. 丹尼尔·杨完成了硕士和博士学位.D. 她给我推荐了一份学校的名单, 对圣安德鲁斯赞不绝口,”Dunsworth说. “Nicole Justice was a great deal of help with general study abroad stuff, 当我开始思考的时候. Andrea Cooper was also a great deal of help with my résumé 和 personal statement as I was looking to apply. Dr. 马特·迈尔斯, 我的数学导师, was really helpful as a sounding board as I played around with ideas on what the study abroad might look like. 博士和. 布莱恩Hardman, 我的英语指导老师, was extraordinarily helpful with figuring out what it might look like for me to do my senior thesis while abroad. He helped me in discovering 和 exploring what courses I might take, 和 to ensure that the experience would help me grow as much as possible as a scholar of 英语.”

Dunsworth, the oldest child of U of O President Richard Dunsworth 和 his wife Holly, began taking classes at Ozarks at age 11 和 became a full-time student at age 15. 他将以优异的成绩毕业 最优等地 荣誉(3.85-4.0 GPA)下个月18岁.

“It’s been quite the wild ride, 和 I spent nearly all of my formative years at Ozarks,”他说. “作为一名年轻的大学生, 尤其是像我这样内向的人, there was always a certain disconnect between myself 和 my peers. Even by the time I could feasibly pass for a freshman I was in upper-level classes, 保持相似的年龄差距. Despite that disconnect, I wouldn’t trade my experience at Ozarks for the world. As the gap between my age 和 that of the younger students closed, I’ve made some wonderful friends who I hope I’ll still know decades from now.”

He said he is proud to have earned a college degree at the age when most students are beginning college.

“很长一段时间以来,欧扎克一直是我生活的一部分, 和 it’s somewhat saddening to see that chapter of my life close,”他说. “But at the same time, I’m prepared 和 excited for what life has in store for me next. 关于这次旅程的终点,我知道一件事, it’s that the 11-year-old that started classes years ago would be proud of the man I am today.”

从欧扎克毕业后, 邓斯沃斯计划继续攻读硕士学位, 专注于数据科学, 同时兼职数据分析. He eventually hopes to secure a remote data analyst position that will allow him to pursue his new-found love for travel.

“我成长的大部分时间都是在欧扎克度过的, 和, 像这样, the education 和 community at Ozarks have helped to shape the person I am today,”他说. “当我回顾自己上第一节课时的照片时, 甚至后来, 我在身体上和精神上都成长了很多. 我在欧扎克和圣. 安德鲁斯. 最重要的是,我在欧扎克的时光教会了我如何思考.”

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