见见你的校友理事会成员 is an ongoing series where we highlight members of the 校友 Association Board of Directors. This month we are featuring husband and wife board members George Lee ’85 and Naomi Shanti (Paranjothy) Lee ’85.  李氏家族在槟榔屿经营家族企业, 马来西亚, 和他们的两个儿子一起开发电子贺卡, 软件和应用程序, 儿童教育书籍和电子商务. Their youngest son, Geoshan, recently graduated from Ozarks in 2020.

跟宝盈在线app说说你在欧扎克的经历. 这对你来说意味着什么? 那段时间如何改变或影响了你的未来?

娜奥米: Coming to the then-College of the Ozarks back in the 1980s from a big city in 马来西亚 was quite a cultural shock for George and me. 这对我来说是一个很大的调整, 尤其是我刚刚在伦敦学习了一年, 英格兰, 之前过来. 我花了一段时间才适应这个地方. What helped with the transition was the close-knit campus community and the college professors who were approachable and provided students individual attention not found in bigger learning institutions in bigger cities. We often kid that although George and I grew up in the same city and attended the same church in 马来西亚, 宝盈在线app直到到达克拉克斯维尔才见面. We took a lot of the same classes together since we had the same major, 在校园里也参加过类似的活动. 不知不觉中,宝盈在线app就成了大学情侣. The liberal arts education at Ozarks allowed us to explore and maximize our potentials and capabilities while being creative. 除了宝盈在线app的工商管理专业, I minored in management and art and George minored in marketing and picked up another major in art.

乔治: Our participation in various campus activities such as Phi Beta Lambda, 国际俱乐部, 寄宿家庭项目, 艺术俱乐部, 新生歌手/赞美诗, 学生生活的活动, and college newspaper provided us opportunities and experience to learn, 与不同部门的人一起工作和协作, 部门和组, 无论是水平还是垂直. Another skill that we cultivated while in Ozarks was the ability to deliver well under time constraints while 工作ing on projects for classes or organizations. 在欧扎克的学习中, we produced several audio-visual presentations which led us to being hired to produce similar presentations for the Phi Beta Lambda (PBL) and Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) state conferences while we were in college. 这种情况一直持续到宝盈在线app毕业之后. These skills were something we proudly took away from our college days and have applied them in our daily lives, 在家也可以, 工作, 业务, 或教堂. We have also made many lifelong friends here from the student body, 教师, 工作人员, 和约翰逊县的人们.  Some of whom came to our wedding in 马来西亚 and have visited us over the years. Over the years, some have passed on, but we are still very much in touch with their families. 欧扎克将永远在宝盈在线app心中占有特殊的位置, 现在对宝盈在线app的儿子更是如此, Geoshan, who continued our family legacy when he graduated from Ozarks in 2020.

Why is being involved with Ozarks after graduated important to you? 你为什么选择回馈大学?

娜奥米: It is our way of giving back to the place where we obtained our degrees, 发展人际交往能力, 获得的经验, 在那里宝盈在线app交到了一生的朋友.  It is also the place where it all started as it was where George and I found each other. 对宝盈在线app来说,它现在是,将来也永远是一个特别的地方.

乔治:  We love bragging about Ozarks to all who will listen to our stories.  A few kids from our church in Penang have attended and graduated from Ozarks over the past decade or so after listening to our stories.


娜奥米: In May 1983 I had my picture taken with the Governor of Arkansas, Bill Clinton. I didn’t quite realize the significance of the photo at that time until almost a decade later.  当他当选总统的时候, 是克拉克斯维尔的一位朋友推荐的, we had the photo enlarged and mailed it to him together with a letter congratulating him on his victory. He was gracious enough to sign it and send it back to us in 马来西亚. 

乔治: As for me, it would be during 校友 Week in 1985 when Mrs. Helen Walton eyed one of my art pieces that was on exhibit in the cafeteria. It was my honor to gift her the Raku piece as my way of thanking her for her contribution toward the fine arts center building. 她给我写了一张可爱的便条, but unfortunately it got misplaced from all the moving around over the years.


娜奥米: 如果我一定要选一个,那一定是Dr. 兰迪·希尔顿. 他很了解他的东西,并且教得很好. 他是有创意的, 尊重和理解他的学生, gave them the confidence and the motivation to 工作 hard and challenged them to aim for greatness. 

乔治: 这是个很难回答的问题. 对我来说,没有一个教授是我最喜欢的. 在欧扎克的四年里, besides being able to pick the brains and learn from the professors in the 业务 and art divisions, I had the privilege of learning from professors from other divisions as well, 他们不是我的班主任. Each of them had in some ways instilled a quality in me or taught me a skill that I could use or perhaps trade.  其中一个例子就是学习如何操作电影放映机. Ruby Reynolds, though I never took any of her science classes, or Dr. 乔治Schellenberger, who willingly and gracefully shared with me his knowledge on audio-visual equipment, 配音技巧, 和暗房技术. Those experiences indirectly led me to an opportunity to teach a course in applied photography at the college. 我将永远感激所有当初投资我的人.

Why have you chosen to continue to serve Ozarks by sitting on the 校友 board?

两个: It is our way of giving back to the place that we have benefitted from the time we were there. 它在很多方面塑造了宝盈在线app,造就了今天的宝盈在线app


娜奥米: 约翰逊县博览会, where my boyfriend would bring back lots of stuffed animals for me after winning at the carnival games.

乔治: 在克拉克斯维尔露营和拍摄自然和户外活动, 约翰逊县, 以及周边地区. It is still a pipedream of mine to be able one day to publish a book, 或者数字上的对等物, 阿肯色州的自然美景.

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