Ireland Provides JLC Student with Unforgettable Experience

By Amy Lloyd

Jennifer Schmitt was apprehensive about going to Ireland for her study abroad experience, but not just because it was a country she was unfamiliar with, 而是因为她要在2021年9月去, 在大流行非常不确定的时期. Jenny也是宝盈在线appJLC的学生之一, so navigating the academic requirements of her program was also a huge concern for her.

宝盈app下载 provides many different options for students to participate in study abroad, with Ireland being a program that is offered through Study USA. For students to be eligible to participate in this specific program, they need at least a 3.2 GPA as well as be in their sophomore year at Ozarks. 妮可英格兰, Ozarks’ Director of Walton Scholars Program and International Program Manager, said that “Studying abroad is an enriching opportunity both personally and academically. Students have the opportunity to learn new languages, 欣赏不同的文化, 不同的教学方法, 和全球性问题. The intercultural experiences gained while studying abroad are life-changing to students. 宝盈app下载 participates in several exchange programs with universities around the world – we have partners in countries in Europe, Asia, 中美洲, 南美洲和加勒比地区.”

她在爱尔兰的时候说的, Jenny said that one of the most difficult things for her to adjust to is that she had no school assignments until the last 5 weeks of school. 在她作业到期之前, Jenny participated in the culture of Ireland and was able to immerse herself in the beauty of the country. “爱尔兰是一个吸引人的美丽国家, 不仅仅是因为它丰富的历史, but also its welcoming diversity” she said of her experience.

While she was studying abroad during the pandemic and at times that made things a bit more challenging, Jenny went on to say that she thinks of her experience “as a positive one” and that the study abroad program has “changed [her] life forever.”

The program was so influential and positive for her, that she has even encouraged two of her friends to participate in the program in the future. Madisyn Doddridge, 欧扎克健康科学专业, 说珍妮与“人”打交道的经历, places, 甚至校园也让她决定去. Madisyn went on to say that she hopes she gets to encounter all that Jenny did and more.

Another student who has decided to take advantage of this opportunity is Claudia Garcia, 欧扎克小学教育专业. Claudia was persuaded that this was the opportunity for her after Jenny mentioned her experience and the connection with the education program. “Talking with Jenny has been extremely helpful in my application process and getting accepted, but I also hope to have the same experience she went through as well as gain all the knowledge and more that she brought back with her from Ireland.”

Tina McCain, 珍妮的JLC学术协调员, was so excited for her to be able to participate in the program. Tina said of Jenny “[she] has always been independent, determined, and self-motivated. Studying abroad allowed her to build on that independence to grow her self-confidence and establish new friendships.”

When it comes to the academic support that Jenny was accustomed to while on Ozarks campus, Tina and Jenny continued to meet a few times each week via Zoom in order to make sure she was on track and not experiencing anything that could potentially set her back during her studies. During these sessions, Tina said that Jenny’s “excitement was contagious. It was so fun to hear her describe her experiences and share about the culture of Northern Ireland.”

珍妮是通过联合lc被吸引到欧扎克的. 作为一个被诊断患有a的学生.D.D. (Attention Deficit Disorder), it is difficult for her to pass tests and to say on top of assignments. 通过JLC程序, she is able to take normal classes with the additional support that she sometimes needs. Jenny said that “the JLC has helped me reach my goals by being an educational support system and I even used the JLC while I was in Ireland. That was helpful because I was able to talk with my coordinator and use the writing assistants.”

One of Jenny’s favorite things about Ozarks is our size. “My favorite part of 宝盈app下载 is how small it is and how it feels like your second home. When I first saw the chapel in person that was the biggest draw.”

珍妮来自密苏里州的抗争之城,大三. Outside of her studies, she enjoys singing and dancing. 帮助宝盈在线app庆祝50岁生日th anniversary of the JLC during our Homecoming weekend April 8-10! See the 周末的安排 and register 现在的事件.

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