A step-by-step guide to applying for financial aid.

1. Go online (or use your phone!) to file your FAFSA

Visit fafsa.ed.gov or download the brand new FAFSA mobile app to file your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Take advantage of the data retrieval tool to automatically import your tax data into your FAFSA and save time!

2. Direct your report to Ozarks

Our Federal School Code: 001094

When we receive your data, we’ll review your information for all possible financial aid.

3. Keep records of your information

Keep a record of important financial information, including the date you filed your FAFSA and the names and school codes for the institutions where you’ve directed your FAFSA data to be sent.

4. Receive your financial aid award

You’ll receive your Ozarks financial aid award letter which includes all aid for which you qualify. Your admissions counselor will also reach out to schedule a review of your aid package.

5. Evaluate and decide

After reviewing your financial aid package and considering your college options, it’s time to make your decision! Remember that not all financial aid awards are created equal. Ask questions. Visit again if you need to. Finally, you’ll submit your enrollment deposit to secure your space!

Let your new adventure begin!

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