Music Major

Students pursuing a music major at University of the Ozarks will study and perform a wide range of music from multiple perspectives, including music theory and aural skills, music history, private applied lessons, and participation in choral ensembles. Music majors may choose voice, piano, or organ as their primary area of applied study. Students receive unprecedented individual attention and mentoring from each member of the music faculty, which makes our program unique.

Degree Outcomes

Graduate studies in performance.

Music therapy.

Music education or music business.

Example Courses

  • MUS 1013: Musicianship I
    A study of the fundamental vocabulary of the language of music focusing on practical application of skills. Note: Students with sufficient background can be exempted from this course by passing a fundamentals proficiency examination.
  • MUS 2113: Music Literature I
    Lessons & Carols
    This course is a survey of classical art music that focuses on coverage of major composers, genres and standard concert repertoire, both vocal and instrumental. A portion of the class is also devoted to the art of concert attendance; students are required to prepare for, attend and write about select concerts that occur during the term.
  • MUS 3013: Themes in Film Music
    Dr. Ledger
    This course explores the music composed for film and the composers most influential in its development. The primary goal of this study is to develop in students an awareness of the impact and intent of music normally relegated to the background of their entertainment activities. In this course students examine in what ways music complements and influences their interpretation of film images and characterizations, as well as what this reveals about the culture and values of the period when these films were produced. This course may be repeated for elective credit provided the theme or topic is different. Recent offerings have included: Music and the Fantasy Film and the Music of Star Wars. The course is designed for the general student with no formal musical training, nor is any background in film or communications technology necessary. Students, however, will be expected to apply themselves to acquiring good listening and analysis skills and developing a working knowledge of basic musical terminology.
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