Interfaith Studies Minor

In the twenty-first century, religion has dominated the headlines as never before. Whether the subject is terrorism, gender identity, or the environment, religion and worldview differences are a central feature of life in our global society. At the same time, virtually every professional field requires practitioners to make decisions and forge relationships in the context of cultural difference. Those who major in sociology, political science, business, and other fields will all find interfaith study a challenging and valuable asset for living and working in a global context.

Degree Outcomes

Business majors may strengthen the global focus of their degrees with an Interfaith Studies minor.

Students with this minor will be able to pursue further studies in seminary or graduate school.

The Interfaith Studies minor will prepare students for leadership in settings where diversity of cultures and worldviews is the norm.

Example Courses

  • PHL/REL 3043: Perspectives on Religious Pluralism
    This course examines the writings of thinkers from a variety of backgrounds to understand how they used their religious and intellectual traditions as the basis for positive engagement with religious differences.
  • PHL 2073: Hinduism and Buddhism
    A course intended to acquaint students with the origins, historical development and essential beliefs and practices of Hinduism and Buddhism. Directly related traditions will also be examined.
  • REL 3401-3: Practicum in Interfaith Leadership
    This course is designed to provide students with leadership experience in the work of community-building in an interfaith context. Students may earn credit through service in on-campus interfaith programs, internships, or study abroad.
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Interfaith Studies Minor Faculty

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